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Title Platform Genre Score Date
a puzzle-action game in which you pull and push blocks to create a place to stand so you can jump up and down on your way to ..
3DS Action Puzzle 8.5 08 Dec 2011
Fractal: Make Blooms Not War
Fractal is a music puzzler experience from Cipher Prime.
PC Puzzle 7.5 29 Nov 2011
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes is a puzzle adventure taking place in an interactive 3D world, with 150 puzzles and mind g..
3DS Puzzle 7.0 01 Nov 2011
Professor Layton and the Last Specte
Professor Layton and The Devil Flute is the fourth game in the puzzling series.
DS Puzzle 8.0 18 Oct 2011
Wii Fit
uses the Wii Balance Board, a pad that players stand on while doing various types of exercise, including calisthenics, yoga,..
WII puzzle 7.0 19 May 2008
a puzzle game that lets you draw from a huge collection of objects to solve over 200 levels.
DS Puzzle 8.0 15 Sep 2009
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
the first game from the training franchise exclusive for Kinect.
X360 puzzle 7.0 04 Nov 2010
World of Goo
You'll be using dozens of goo droplets to build elaborate structures in this PC puzzle game.
PC Puzzle 9.0 13 Oct 2008
Wii Fit Plus
offers a range of new exercises and balance games including Skateboarding and Rhythm Kung Fu.
WII puzzle 7.5 04 Oct 2009
World of Goo
You'll be using dozens of goo droplets to build elaborate structures in this WiiWare puzzle game.
WII Puzzle 9.0 13 Oct 2008
Diner Dash
In you play the restaurant entrepreneur Flo, out to work her way up to the top of the food service industry.
PC Puzzle 9.1 03 Dec 2003
Professor Layton and the Unwound Fut
Professor Layton returns for another installment in this puzzle series with the Unwound Future.
DS Puzzle 8.5 12 Sep 2010
Professor Layton and the Diabolical
Professor Layton is off to another adventure in Box.
DS Puzzle 8.5 24 Aug 2009
Bust blocks, solve puzzles, and play wirelessly with your friends. In your objective is to clear the screen by connecting blo..
PSP Puzzle 9.0 22 Mar 2005
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlo
Wrap your mind around a variety of puzzles in rds.
X360 Matching Puzzle 9.0 10 Oct 2007
Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Take control of a liquid mercury blob, guiding it through levels around traps, door switches, spikes, moving floors and other..
WII Puzzle 8.5 15 Oct 2007
Bejeweled 3
the latest installment of the popular franchise, featuring improved graphics, music, and game modes.
PC Matching Puzzle 7.5 07 Dec 2010
Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Inc
ident is a puzzle action game for the Wii.
WII puzzle 7.0 29 Jun 2011
Polarium Advance
Polarium challenges you to create horizontal rows of the same color by strategically inverting blocks on the screen.
GBA Puzzle 7.0 13 Nov 2006
Touchmaster is a collection of mini-games for the DS, featuring games such as Trivia, Solitaire, Gem Slide and Mah Jongg.
DS Puzzle 7.5 25 Jun 2007

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