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Title Platform Genre Score Date
The Binding of Isaac
a roguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of the NES Zelda game.
PC Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 28 Sep 2011
an old-school side-scrolling arcade shooter by indie developer Astro Port.
PC Shoot-Em-Up 7.0 16 Dec 2011
Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony
Jamestown is a neoclassical top-down shooter set on 17th-century British Colonial Mars.
PC Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 08 Jun 2011
Zeit Squared
a side-scrolling action game with a twist of time-travel elements.
PC Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 12 Jan 2011
Jetpac Refuelled
a new take on the 1983 classic space blaster, featuring enhanced graphics and Xbox Live features.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 7.2 24 Oct 2006
Gate of Thunder
A futuristic side-scrolling shooter.
TCD Shoot-Em-Up 7.0 21 Feb 1992
Every Extend Extra Extreme
Every Extend Extra heads to the Xbox Live Arcade with Extreme, which lets you battle friends head-to-head in online multiplay..
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 7.5 17 Oct 2007
Galaga Legions
reinvents the classic shooter for the Xbox Live Arcade.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 20 Aug 2008
Zeit Squared
a side-scrolling action game with a twist of time-travel elements.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 12 Jan 2011
Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
an arcade shooter with puzzle elements that features more than 100 levels.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 7.5 04 May 2011
Rather than alter the Space Colonel's original recipe, Activision has opted to simply outfit with gobs of bells and whi..
PC Shoot-Em-Up 7.6 30 Nov 1998
G Darius does have a few flaws, but most are overshadowed by the rest of the game.
PS Shoot-Em-Up 8.3 31 Mar 1998
Sol Divide
Despite the interesting premise and the thoughtful execution, does have its drawbacks.
SAT Shoot-Em-Up 7.5 02 Jul 1998
Those thirsting for an amazing old school shooting experience can relax - your game has arrived.
PS Shoot-Em-Up 7.8 31 Dec 1996
an old-school 2D shooting masterpiece that fans of the genre really shouldn't miss.
SAT Shoot-Em-Up 8.2 07 Feb 1997
Gamera 2000
a gem among an otherwise fairly bland genre.
PS Shoot-Em-Up 7.5 25 Apr 1997
Iridion II
a great-looking shoot-'em-up that borrows many of its play nuances from the classics of yesteryear.
GBA Shoot-Em-Up 8.2 29 May 2003
Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy
a side-scrolling shooter that will let you customize and build levels, ships, and enemy ships.
WII Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 11 Jun 2008
CT Special Forces 2: Back in the Tre
This solid, arcade-inspired shoot-'em-up improves upon its predecessor in every way.
GBA Shoot-Em-Up 7.8 29 Jun 2004
Terminator: I'm Back
On the battlefield, one hopes one's comrades-at-arms aren't purely decorative. This average game could have been so..
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 7.1 08 Feb 2005

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