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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Insurgency 2
a strategic, fast-paced and strikingly realistic first-person shooter that puts the player in modern conflict zones.
PC Action 0.0 01 Mar 2013
In <a href=""></a>, you take..
PC Strategy 8.0 14 Feb 2013
Inspector Parker
a logic puzzle that asks you to use a series of clues to figure out which rooms in a house contain a variety of items and peo..
PC Puzzle 8.7 22 Jan 2012
Infinity Blade II
the second game in the fantasy action adventure role-playing game series for the iPhone 4S and iPad.
IP Action Role-Playing 9.0 29 Nov 2011
inFamous: Festival of Blood
Infamous 2: Festival of Blood is a stand-alone PSN game where Cole is bitten by a vampire and must find the head vampire befo..
PS3 Sci-Fi Action Adventure 7.5 25 Oct 2011
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
an independent game being produced by Fuelcell Games and artist Michel Gagne.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 7.5 03 Aug 2011
Iron Brigade
Trenched is the newest title from Double Fine exclusively for XBLA.
X360 Action 8.0 22 Jun 2011
inFamous 2
the second chapter in the best-selling franchise for the PlayStation 3 from Sucker Punch.
PS3 Sci-Fi Action Adventure 7.5 07 Jun 2011
Ilomilo is a puzzle game where you control two friends: Ilo and Milo.
X360 Action Puzzle 7.5 05 Jan 2011
Ivy the Kiwi?
Guide Ivy through obstacle-filled levels by creating vines that bridge gaps, ascend stairs, or swing Ivy through the air.
WII 2D Platformer 7.5 24 Aug 2010
Ion Assault
a space shooter on Xbox Live Arcade.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 7.0 23 Sep 2009
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
based around the large-scale aerial combat and ground military operations of World War II.
PS3 WWII Flight Sim 7.5 08 Sep 2009
Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles
WINM Puzzle 7.0 13 Aug 2009
Infamous is an open-world action adventure game in which you wield electrical superpowers in a city ravaged by violence.
PS3 Sci-Fi Action Adventure 9.0 26 May 2009
The fiercely challenging space shooter comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade.
X360 Shoot-Em-Up 8.5 09 Apr 2008
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
based on the 20th Century Fox film of the same name.
GC 3D Platformer 7.3 14 Mar 2006
Not your ordinary shooter, lets your avatar invade your opponents' PSP systems with each of your multiplayer victories...
PSP Sci-Fi Shooter 7.2 15 Nov 2005
Indigo Prophecy
Play both hunter and hunted in this psycho thriller. Set in New York, gives you the chance to speak, explore, interact, figh..
PC Adventure 8.4 02 Oct 2005
In the Groove
In The Groove is an arcade dancing game that features more than 70 songs and 550 step patterns. Burn calories in fitness mode..
PS2 Rhythm / Dancing 7.2 08 Jun 2005
may not bear the weight of predecessors like Galaga, but it's a worthy entry into the genre nonetheless.
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 7.1 01 Dec 2004

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