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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Crash Bandicoot
Though somewhat dated, it's certainly the best game available for ExEn and is a killer mobile title overall.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 9.0 25 Apr 2005
Super Putt Classic
Annoyances like rather tardy course loading times and a less-than-rapid panning feature mean that SPC will be played at a ver..
MOBILE Golf 7.5 22 Jan 2004
Fantasy Warrior
not very original, but the gameplay is silky smooth.
MOBILE Adventure 7.0 12 Jan 2004
Jamdat Bowling 2
Even though it's a clone of the original, adds a ton of interesting new features and is a very worthwhile download.
MOBILE Bowling 8.9 10 Dec 2003
Ed, Edd n Eddy: Giant Jawbreakers
The premise itself is addictive, and Macrospace has added quite a few twists that make the game shine.
MOBILE Fantasy Shooter 7.5 04 Mar 2004
Bomberman Special
It's tough not to love this game.
MOBILE Action 8.3 20 May 2004
Multiplayer Scrabble
If you like Scrabble, you'll enjoy challenging people all over the world to a game.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.9 14 Jan 2004
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
The mobile Rainbow Six 3, which uses an overhead, isometric perspective, has eschewed its antecessor's first-person-shoo..
MOBILE Real-Time Strategy 8.1 13 Jul 2004
Super Real Tennis
so accomplished in terms of presentation and gameplay that it almost seems unfair to compare it to the current mobile gaming ..
MOBILE Tennis 8.4 13 Nov 2004
Baseball Heroes of the MLBPAA
an incomplete rendering of the baseball experience. If you can reconcile yourself with this fact, you'll find that there..
MOBILE Baseball Sim 7.1 02 Sep 2004
The Chronicles of Riddick
The mobile Chronicles of Riddick is a good action adventure game in its own right, but perhaps it suffers a bit from the high..
MOBILE Action 7.0 05 Jun 2005
Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon
Real Estate Tycoon's strong presentation makes it an offering worthy of notice by fans of business simulations.
MOBILE Business Strategy 7.2 04 Feb 2005
The Mummy (Indiagames)
If you like puzzle games that involve a bit of action on the side, it's a good bet that you'll enjoy The Mummy.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.2 01 Jan 2005
6 Shooter Showdown: Poker
It may make you shake your head from time to time, but still a lot of fun to play.
MOBILE Casino 7.8 06 Apr 2005
Military Madness
Sixteen years after its initial release, as deeply strategic and engaging as it ever was.
MOBILE Wargame 8.1 19 Apr 2005
Super Bomberman (Living Mobile)
Super Bomberman is a straightlaced port, with plenty of levels to keep you busy. If you're a fan of Bomberman titles, or..
MOBILE Action 7.1 13 Nov 2004
Beach Mini Golf 3D
offers nine unique holes, each made more interesting by the use of the third dimension. It by no means reinvents the wheel, ..
MOBILE Golf 7.6 06 Nov 2004
Master of Sword
Not only is enjoyable, but it's also one of the longest mobile games around.
MOBILE Action Role-Playing 8.7 05 Jan 2005
Terminator: I'm Back
On the battlefield, one hopes one's comrades-at-arms aren't purely decorative. This average game could have been so..
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 7.1 08 Feb 2005
The Crocodile Hunter: Operation Resc
Operation Rescue's tight design and silly concept make it an excellent play.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.4 08 Jun 2005

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