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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Tower Bloxx
Build your city by building towers in this puzzle game with a slight SimCity twist from Digital Chocolate.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.2 01 Dec 2005
SWAT Force
lets you join the Special Weapons and Tactics team, a paramilitary police unit.
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 7.9 28 Feb 2006
Rainbow Striker
a soccer game from Japanese developer G-Mode.
MOBILE Soccer 7.2 01 Feb 2006
Fox Sports Football 04
Fox Sports Football '04 focuses on the thinking aspects of gridiron management while adding some interesting twists to t..
MOBILE Football 7.0 10 Oct 2003
If Space Harrier was fun back in the day, even better on a cell.
MOBILE Sci-Fi Adventure 8.5 03 Dec 2003
Less graphically rich than the original version of the game, the mobile version of Pitfall will still make you nostalgic for ..
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.1 02 Jul 2003
Tetris (Blue Lava Wireless)
Colorful and entertaining, Tetris is a solid port
MOBILE Stacking Puzzle 8.0 13 Jun 2003
Knuckle Up
packs a lot of classic flavor into its mobile punch. Its simplified, robust gameplay makes it a great game for the medium.
MOBILE 2D Fighting 7.4 02 Jul 2003
Not merely a Tetris clone, succeeds in delivering an innovative action-puzzle experience.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.7 01 Aug 2003
NCAA Football
's gameplay is a step beyond the competition.
MOBILE Football 8.0 08 Sep 2003
Jamdat Sports Golf 2004
one of the most elegant, well-engineered golf sims on mobile platforms.
MOBILE Golf Sim 8.1 20 May 2004
Batter Up! by Fox Sports
Batter Up! hits the sweet spot between substantive gameplay, home run derby frivolity, and slick presentation.
MOBILE Baseball 7.8 10 May 2004
Evel Knievel Evel-ution
delivers a decent stunt riding game.
MOBILE Mission-based Driving 7.3 14 Jun 2004
Johnny Crash Does Texas
Excepting its predecessor, the only mobile game to feature a safety warning at its outset, and that should be reason enough t..
MOBILE Action 8.4 31 Dec 2004
Need for Speed Underground 2
isn't just the best racing game ever made for a mobile phone; it's also a much-needed showcase for V Cast technolo..
MOBILE GT / Street Racing 9.2 15 Jul 2005
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Mobile Recon
Shamelessly copying a couple of solid action strategy games wasn't the worst move Jamdat could have made, as the end res..
MOBILE Real-Time Strategy 7.6 31 Dec 2004
Call of Duty
While far from perfect, exactly what real-time strategy lovers want in a mobile game.
MOBILE Historic First-Person Shooter 8.0 29 Jan 2004
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora T
While Pandora Tomorrow 3D is hampered by some control problems, surprising brevity, and by the lack of true three dimensional..
MOBILE Modern Tactical Shooter 7.7 11 Dec 2004
Surviving High School
Even though could have used more variety in its design, top-notch dialogue and an involving plot carry it through to graduat..
MOBILE Virtual Life 7.4 30 Apr 2005
Ancient Empires II
The logistics become incredibly complex, but they also become utterly compelling. Each move must be pored over for several mi..
MOBILE Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy 8.5 17 Jun 2005

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