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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Among the numerous bland puzzlers on the cell, stands out as a very fun and original title.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.3 08 Jul 2003
Balloon Headed Boy
If you can get over the freak-out factor, you'll see that a very enjoyable, high- quality platform game.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 8.3 20 Sep 2004
the best translation yet of Taito's excellent arcade catalog.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.4 11 Nov 2003
Fox Sports Football
In spite of minor difficulties, Sorrent's still a great mobile title and is the most realistic football action available..
MOBILE Football 7.9 13 Jun 2003
Puzzle Bobble
a good addition to any puzzle-lover's library.
MOBILE Matching Puzzle 7.4 04 Aug 2003
Precision Pinball
Knockabout went out and built a really killer pinball game.
MOBILE Pinball 8.3 18 Mar 2004
Marcel Desailly Pro Soccer
easily one of the best soccer games available on handheld.
MOBILE Soccer 8.7 22 Jul 2003
Yo Yo Fighter
Yo-Yo Fighter looks really good, but unfortunately, it's terribly short.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.5 22 Jul 2003
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
While the fighting is fun, the game requires more brains than brawn.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 9.2 08 Jan 2004
MotoGP 2
Never before has the feeling of pure speed translated so well to mobile.
MOBILE Motorcycle Racing 8.3 02 Jun 2004
Ace Yeti Trapper
It's a must-have addition to your game collection if you like maze-running games of any variety.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.8 17 Dec 2003
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora T
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is one of the most compelling mobile games around.
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 9.0 14 Apr 2004
3D Slam Ping-Pong
While 's concept is simple, the game's modes and fast pace make a winning combination.
MOBILE Alt. Sports 7.2 05 Dec 2003
Metal Slug Mobile
not the most scintillating action title ever put on mobile, but it's good for several hours of mobile pyrotechnics.
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 7.3 12 Apr 2004
QBz for Prizes
a tidy, simple game that's been very nicely retrofitted for mobile consumption and competition.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.4 12 Mar 2004
CBS SportsLine Baseball 2004
the best mobile baseball title to date.
MOBILE Basketball 8.7 19 Apr 2004
Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold 'Em
Phil Hellmuth's Texas Hold 'Em is filled with options and is a very engrossing play for poker fans.
MOBILE Casino 7.3 20 May 2004
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Mobil
This game is a good bet for trivia lovers.
MOBILE Trivia / Game Show 7.0 07 Jul 2003
Sumo Wrestling
Even the most culturally myopic gamer will appreciate Sumo's array of traditional moves, reasonably intuitive controls, ..
MOBILE Wrestling 7.6 31 May 2004
Pinball Factory
a solid title that hints at great things to come.
MOBILE Pinball 7.0 11 Nov 2003

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