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9.0 Age of Mythology [PC]
Age of Mythology looks like yet another exploitation of mythology, but turns out to be figurative manna from the gods.
8.5 Animal Crossing [GC]
you can do whatever you want, and if you like everything you can do, then you'll find yourself playing for a long time.
8.7 Armored Core 3 [PS2]
This game is the best game I have played in my life.
8.0 America's Army [PC]
It's Free & Fun
8.1 Aggressive Inline [GBA]
This game is a great skating game and it has some ups and downs!!!!!i
8.5 Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty [PC]
For 3 bones it is damb good! Remember this was supposed to be a Dreamcast game not a PS2 game.
7.0 Aggressive Inline [GC]
This game is pretty good, but it doesn't stand out that much.
4.0 Aggressive Inline [XBOX]
it's just a below average tony hawk clone...incredibly over-rated.
8.3 Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory [PC]
Matchless Napoleonic Warfare
9.0 Airborne Assault: Red Devils Over Arnhem [PC]
Just because a game is a close copy to another doesn't mean it's bad. This is a heck of a great racing game.
8.5 Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne [PC]
The Wizard's Throne is better refined than its predecessor, but has blemishes both new and retained.
9.0 All-Star Baseball 2003 [GBA]
Two words . . . play ball!!!
7.5 Aggressive Inline [PS2]
After being a fan of tony hawk...
9.0 Arc the Lad Collection [PS]
The true father of Final Fantasy VII.
10 Army Men: RTS [PS2]
3DO equipos con Pandemic Studios para una nueva raza de Army Men en el juego de PS2.
10 Atari Anniversary Advance [GBA]
Best selection of classic games, best delivery and presentation--Best of the arcade-to-GBA compilations!
7.5 Army Men: RTS [PC]
Could have been more impressive, but doable.
5.0 All-Star Baseball 2003 [PS2]
For It's Time.. Fine.. But Bargin Shop 4 Your Kids..
2.8 All-Star Baseball 2003 [GC]
This game is simply awful.
7.0 All-Star Baseball 2003 [XBOX]
It's a baseball game so it can be kind of boring, which is realistic.
6.5 AirBlade [PS2]
Not the Best ever
10 Asheron's Call Dark Majesty [PC]
FANTASTIC PVP!! cannot be beaten by any MMORPG or even FPS thats out on the market today!!!
9.0 Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies [PS2]
Great F-22 sim
10 Aliens Versus Predator 2 [PC]
A masterpiece and a classic - can be easily recommended to any gamer for its awesome gameplay and immersive atmosphere.
8.0 Advance Wars [GBA]
One of the best games to play if you're looking for a game that's not to complex and you're on the go.

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