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8.8 Black Citadel [MOBILE]
Great old school rpg But my review is for Black Citadel 2 not 1
8.0 Bush vs. Kerry Boxing [MOBILE]
By today's standards, this sucks. But if a mobile game sucks, it's a good thing. Meaning, Jamdat 2005 is a good game.
4.5 Bassmaster: Legendary Lunkers [MOBILE]
You gotta be yanking me!
8.0 Bujingai: The Forsaken City [PS2]
Vivid cutscenes, and smooh gameplay. Advanced maneuvers are easy to perform which makes for an overall fun game to play.
8.5 Barry Bonds Homerun History [MOBILE]
A very good mobile Chess game!
7.0 Block Breaker Deluxe [MOBILE]
Provided that you don't expect too much, this game will give you a simple, yet fun, version of Arkanoid.
9.5 Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon [PC]
Realistic tactical combat delightfully free of the clickfest micromanagement that RTS games are notorious for.
8.5 Bomberman Special [MOBILE]
Short but fun
10 Batter Up! by Fox Sports [MOBILE]
Tetris Phone Review
5.0 Beyond Divinity [PC]
It's amazing really. Amazingly rubbish and yet I subjected myself to such drivel.
8.0 Battlefield Vietnam [PC]
buen juego,buena interface de multijuegador
7.0 Breakdown [XBOX]
Breakdown aspires to do many things; it certainly does, but none of them are executed correctly.
8.5 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance [GBA]
Best Action RPG on the GBA!
4.5 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II [PS2]
If you look for a well balanced action RPG dungeon crawler look elsewhere.
9.0 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II [XBOX]
Hack n slash....i wish i was called that when i was born....i think it would have been cool.
7.9 Brave Shot [MOBILE]
Good crossword game for passing idle time waiting in line. Best available for cell phones at the moment.
8.0 Beyond Good & Evil [GC]
Lovable characters, and varied gameplay turn this game into an instant classic
7.5 Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon [XBOX]
A good story and not bad for a 5 year old game
10 Beyond Good & Evil [XBOX]
the game nobody ever played but those who did loved it nice mix of stealth puzzles and action adventure.<br />
9.0 Beyond Good & Evil [PC]
Very good adventure, get's you in it.
3.0 Battlestar Galactica [XBOX]
Lazy game development
7.0 Battlestar Galactica [PS2]
Live out your childhood fantasies of flying a Viper, but beware- extremely steep learning curve makes this fans-only.
8.0 Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon [PC]
It combines successfully the old school adventure and new 3d game play
8.0 Beyond Good & Evil [PS2]
Beyond Good and Evil still plays really well, even when certain aspects of the game keep it from reaching its potential.
7.5 Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu [GC]
The Dark Knight is back in a new adventure.

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