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7.9 Hexacto's Tennis Addict [MOBILE]
Good crossword game for passing idle time waiting in line. Best available for cell phones at the moment.
7.7 Hugo - Black Diamond Fever [MOBILE]
A decent litte mobile game with nice graphics
9.5 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary [X360]
343's goal was never to make an amazing game better, but to honor what shouldn't be tampered with.
6.5 Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 3: Beyond Reasonable Doom [PC]
One cannot fault Ubisoft for re-releasing this great game once again. The 3DS provides some excellent hardware for 3D so...
8.0 Hard Reset [PC]
This game simply delivers. A lot.
8.0 Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice [PC]
The Best DLC Add-On For Borderlands, Surpasing The Other DLC's Released
7.0 Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax [X360]
Content omissions aside, this is a solid representation of one this generation's best RPGs.
5.5 Hydrophobia Prophecy [PC]
Hydrophobia: Prophecy boasts a half-inspired story, the cheesiest of characters, and boring, simple gameplay.
8.0 Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1: We Negotiate With Terrorists [PC]
You will love or hate Hector's humor, so that will decide if you like the game. I'm gross and childish, so I like it!
7.5 Homefront [X360]
Great Story that moves along greatly, but multiplayer requires a code to play.
8.0 Homefront [PC]
An enjoyable but short ride. A solid game that didn't crash once and has a great story.
7.5 Homefront [PS3]
Good game for the $$. Unfortunately, THQ does not even try to stop the hacked players.
7.5 Hard Corps: Uprising [PS3]
Any fan of Sega's Contra Hard Corps will instantly buy the Uprising. It's been long since Konami has offered scroll styl
4.0 Hard Corps: Uprising [X360]
Hard Bore
7.5 Hoard [PS3]
Burn baby, burn.
7.0 Halo: Reach [X360]
7.5 Hydro Thunder Hurricane [X360]
High speed boat racer but with a surprising result
7.5 Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip [PSP]
Tennis Lover or not, it has abit of something for everyone to enjoy.<br /> <br /> #Real Score 7.9/10#
7.0 Hexyz Force [PSP]
Gamer since 1981 trust my reviews
9.0 Heavy Rain [PS3]
When Theater meets Gaming.
7.5 Half-Minute Hero [PSP]
30 Seconds to saving the world, you can still get a laugh out of this on the PSP.<br /> <br /> #Real Score- 7.9/10#
7.5 Hook Champ [IP]
2010 IGF finalist, Hook Champ swings with challenging performative platforming. Despite limited scope, it's charming!
8.5 Halo 3: ODST [X360]
Pretty good game, not as good as Halo 3 but still recommended for Halo fans.
3.5 Hearts of Iron III [PC]
Not playable. Seriously.
4.0 Harbor Master [IP]
Stick with desktop.

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