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8.5 James Noir's Hollywood Crimes [3DS]
puzzle game mixed with old school fmv makes a nice campy combo
8.5 Just Dance 3 [X360]
Old World Blues is the best DLC to date just for the dialog alone!
9.5 Just Dance 3 [WII]
Great game with good movement reception & very good song list. Sweat mode easily replaces any cardio exercise.
7.5 Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony [PC]
The multiplayer is way better than singleplayer but unfortunately there is only local co-op.
7.0 James Bond 007: Blood Stone [PC]
Bizarre's first and last Bond adventure is derivative and shallow, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun.
7.0 James Bond 007: Blood Stone [X360]
Bond is back! In his best game on the 360.
9.5 James Bond 007: Blood Stone [PS3]
Just made me feel like a bond !!!
8.5 Just Dance 2 [WII]
One of the Wii's best. The duet's offer a super fun multiplayer experience that rivals Rock Band & Mario Kart.
9.0 Joe Danger [PS3]
A very fun & challenging game...
8.0 Jolly Rover [PC]
What looks like a Monkey Island rip off at first glance, turns out to be a very immersive and witty adventure game.
9.5 Just Cause 2 [PC]
fun stuff!
7.5 Just Cause 2 [X360]
A very curious title. Here's what you need to know.
8.5 Just Cause 2 [PS3]
Not the best or deepest experience, but still great fun.
8.0 Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier [PSP]
9.0 Jewellust [AND]
9.0/10 - Final Fight: Double Impact is a re-release of arcade classics Final Fight and Magic Sword.
5.0 Jack Keane [PC]
A good old adventure game ruined
7.5 Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights [DS]
A worthy competitor to the Need For Speed Franchise - good entertainment for hours!
9.0 Jeanne d'Arc [PSP]
Jeanne D'Arc is a game that will feel right in any Turn based strategies fan's collection. Yet has gone under the radar
8.5 Jade Empire: Special Edition [PC]
Jade Empire's sometimes repetitive combat is more than made up for by the game's fun dialogue and beautiful setting.
6.0 Justice League Heroes [PSP]
It's not enjoyable as marvel ultimate alliance, it have boring story and good gameplay..................................
7.0 Jetpac Refuelled [X360]
Long and difficult - but fun
8.5 Justice League Heroes: The Flash [GBA]
Better than it's console brethren, that is for sure.
6.5 Justice League Heroes [XBOX]
Justice League Heroes was a short, mindless button masher.
8.5 Justice League Heroes [PS2]
Fun game, with a few problems that slow it down
5.0 Just Cause [PC]
Just Cause -- Violent

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