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7.0 Kinect Sports: Season Two [X360]
Season 2 for Kinect is everything you would expect, and while it is fun, there appears to be a lack of depth.
8.5 Kirby's Return to Dream Land [WII]
A little more love for the Kirb-man
8.0 Kirby: Mass Attack [DS]
Kirby's quite a handful by himself, let alone 10 of him!
10 King Arthur: Fallen Champions [PC]
A deep, engrossing and complex mix of role playing and strategy.
9.0 Killzone 3 [PS3]
An astonishing (albeit unoriginal) first-person shooter, a great sequel and one of the finest PS Move compatible titles.
8.0 Kinect Sports [X360]
Wipe off the minor control issues, and Kinect Sports is a blast to endure in.
8.5 Kinect Adventures! [X360]
The Xbox 360 features built-in Wi-Fi for connection to Xbox LIVE, a digital entertainment, social media and online gamin
1.5 Kinectimals [X360]
Why? Why does this exist?
9.0 Kirby's Epic Yarn [WII]
a beautifully presented, amazingly feel-good platformer packed with kirby charm.
7.5 King's Bounty: Crossworlds [PC]
More King's Bounty?<br /> It's already X-mas?
10 Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep [PSP]
A great rendition of the Kingdom Hearts series as a completely fun and refreshing handheld game.
7.0 King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame [PC]
Total War, Men of War, and King Arthur all show signs in this amazing game, brought down by major problems.
9.0 King's Bounty: Armored Princess [PC]
A perfect rendition of a turn-based fantasy...
9.0 Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble [PSP]
Game spot made it look okay but it is more than okay
10 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS]
KH 358/2 Days follow the story of Chain of Memories introducing Roxas and other known characters to bring a touching gem
8.0 Katamari Forever [PS3]
A throwback to all the good things the Katamari series has brought us. A bit too recycled, but c'mon, it's Katamari!
9.5 Knights in the Nightmare [DS]
Knights in the Nightmare isn't just a game, its a work of art that tells a deep and compelling storyline.
8.0 Killing Floor [PC]
Like a British version of Left 4 Dead mixed with Horde Mode. A great co-op/single player only experience.
7.5 Klonoa [WII]
It might feel like a long tutorial at times, but when the real game begins it will have been worth the wait.
8.5 Killzone 2 [PS3]
Short and disappointing singleplayer, but the entire multiplayer is all that matters.
7.5 King's Bounty: The Legend [PC]
If you want a cheap, and very long game that is generally good, then this isn't a bad choice.
8.5 Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits [DS]
Konami's arcade games return in this wonderful package
7.5 Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol [PS2]
Purchased as a party game. Fun. Enjoyed listening to Simon's insults.
7.5 Kirby: Squeak Squad [DS]
Kirby Squeak Squad, might be the last Kirby released for awhile, but it's enjoyable, and fun to play as always.
7.5 Killzone: Liberation [PSP]
This is a game made for the PSP and it shows its true colours as well. A fun and very well rounded game.

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