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8.0 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver [DC]
Includes solid plat-forming, adventure and puzzle elements but is ultimately anticlimactic in more ways than one.
9.3 Links LS 2000 [PC]
Even though it's the latter half of the year 2003, I recently 'upgraded' from my former golf game -Links LS 99- to its s...
7.0 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver [PC]
A good idea
10 Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver [PS]
Es de los juegos emblematicos que inician todo un mercado y una serie.
7.0 LEGO Racers [PC]
Still break it out every now and then
9.0 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete [PS]
Game Arts alternative to Grandia
10 Legend of Legaia [PS]
10 years and still can't get enough of it!!!
7.5 Links LS 99 [PC]
Not as good as Shadow President if only because it costs money, so wait about 10 years or so for it to be abandoned.
10 Lords of Magic: Special Edition [PC]
One of a kind, when you understand the game it becomes truly amazing.
9.4 Lode Runner 2 [PC]
If you enjoy the board game Sorry at all, buy this game! The animations are hilarious!! Your piece might sneeze its wa...
7.5 Libero Grande [PS]
Beach Spikers is a good game, but a little more fine-tuning could have made it an excellent game.
9.5 Longbow 2 [PC]
No one will probably read this but I owe this much to the simulation I so cherished a decade ago.
7.0 Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny [PC]
this game is great but trust me u will get stuck and you will need a walkthrough unless u are the smartest person ever!!
6.0 Lose Your Marbles [PC]
Hey, It Was Worth One Dollar.
7.5 Links LS 1998 Edition [PC]
Good Flight Sim
9.0 Lords of the Realm II [PC]
The first taste of strategy
8.6 Links LS [PC]
A unique game
8.7 Links 386 CD [PC]
Addicting and flat out fun to play.
10 LandStalker [GEN]
Still the best RPG I have ever played, no question.

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