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5.0 Okabu [PS3]
Some aspects are fun, but balance issues plague this game into mediocracy.
8.5 Orcs Must Die! [PC]
A lot a Orcs were harmed during the making of the game
7.5 Orcs Must Die! [X360]
Can updated graphics and customization save this package? Find out now.
7.5 Out of the Park Baseball 12 [PC]
A well made top down twin stick shooter that offers plenty of explosive fun
8.5 Outland [PS3]
Outland is an amazing platformer with a simple but great concept that is well suited for games
8.5 Outland [X360]
Outland is a beautifully crafted creation that weaves together vintage gameplay mechanics with remarkable precision.
8.5 Okamiden [DS]
Not quite as amazing as the original, but still a solid game and an effective platform change.
8.0 Out of the Park Baseball 11 [PC]
Some quality updates to a quality game.
9.5 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising [X360]
An incredible game.
9.0 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising [PS3]
People should give this game more respect for it is an AMAZING war simulator!!!
8.5 Order of War [PC]
This game is worth it for the in game camera and the massive scale of fighting
9.5 Osmos [PC]
A sublime ambient feel makes this a game worth getting absorbed into.
7.5 Overlord II [PC]
Makes a few interesting improvements but also keeps a bunch of problems from the original.
7.5 Overlord II [X360]
Overlord 2 can be a fun game or a game which you consider to be a waste of money and time.
8.0 Overlord II [PS3]
Good Fantasy - Action Adventure with a lot of good stereotypes and humor!!!
9.5 Out of the Park Baseball 10 [PC]
Best arcade game since geometry wars
7.5 OutRun Online Arcade [X360]
Pure, simple, arcade racing fun at its best. Shame about the lazy port.
8.5 Order Up! [WII]
This game is like Dinner Dash, but more better.
7.0 Out of the Park Baseball 9 [PC]
Almost Perfect if the Numbers Mattered More ..
7.0 Okami [WII]
Epic tale, slightly let down by repetition and inconsistent controls.
1.0 Overclocked: A History of Violence [PC]
WORST ADVENTURE GAME i have ever played
3.5 One Piece: Unlimited Adventure [WII]
too much repetitive crap and not enough characters
8.0 Omega Five [X360]
A fun arcade-style shooter hampered by its relatively short length, but the sheer intensity makes up for it.
8.5 Orcs & Elves [DS]
Orcs & Elves is a highly addictive First-person fantasy RPG that has cool old-school graphics, and a deep story.
7.5 Ontamarama [DS]
This bizarre musical experiment can't quite hold a cohesive beat, but its unique charm just might win you over.

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