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9.0 Onimusha 3: Demon Siege [PS2]
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege brings the genre Hack'n Slash to a next level.
4.7 Out of the Park Baseball 6 [PC]
A sad attempt to copy Para Para Paradise
1.5 One Must Fall: Battlegrounds [PC]
This sequel failed a lot of things.
10 Otogi: Myth of Demons [XBOX]
Otogi brings a richness to the genre that hasn't been seen before.
5.0 Outlaw Volleyball [XBOX]
Le test de Outlaw Volleyball
8.8 Out of the Park Baseball 5 [PC]
A great addition to the DAOC world
8.0 O.R.B. [PC]
Played for 60 Hours; Trust this review to be most accurate.
4.5 Outlaw Golf [GC]
It has good ideas, but the lack of courses and the terrible control bring this one down
8.0 Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny [PS2]
As Much of a Sequel as Can Be Expected
8.5 Operation Flashpoint: Resistance [PC]
Must-have for any Operation Flashpoint fan!!!!!!
5.0 Outlaw Golf [XBOX]
Just Not That Into It
6.5 Out of the Park Baseball 4 [PC]
check your bargain bin! Nothing special here!
8.0 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee [XBOX]
Abe ain't got nothin on Munch!
10 Okage: Shadow King [PS2]
Okage Shadow King starts as a lighthearted and quirky RPG, and ends as a strangely solid commentary on life and society.
9.0 One Piece Mansion [PS]
One of my favorite puzzle games ever...
8.0 Ooga Booga [DC]
Ooga Booga is a great fighting game for you and your buds to enjoy.
9.5 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis [PC]
The Best War Sim To Date!
6.5 Outtrigger [DC]
Very fast-paced gameplay as a result of small but well designed maps. The most playable FPS using Dreamcast controller.
7.0 Off-Road Redneck Racing [PC]
This is no Sunday Drive.
8.5 Onimusha: Warlords [PS2]
Fighting in Feudal Japan Can Be Fun
3.0 Oni [PS2]
I was really let down after getting my hopes up high.
9.0 Odyssey: The Search for Ulysses [PC]
Not only is Mark of the Wolves one of the best Fatal Fury games ever, it's one of the finest 2D fighters ever...period.
9.5 Ogre Battle 64 [N64]
Probably one of the most underlooked games of all time, Ogre Battle 64 can stand toe-to-toe with any major game to date.
8.5 Ore no Ryouri [PS]
Lacking in Features, but Easy to Play
9.5 Outcast [PC]
Impressive graphics, outstanding voice acting and satisfying gameplay. The only con is that it could have been better...

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