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8.0 Pokemon Puzzle League [N64]
A suprisingly great puzzle game, that test how fast you are to find matches or patterns of shapes, like hearts.
9.4 Power Stone 2 [DC]
Thank you God!!........ and sega
9.0 PGA Championship Golf 2000 [PC]
Inventive and compelling, not to be discarded lightly
9.0 Perfect Dark [N64]
Just as the title of the game displays, it is just perfect.
8.0 Pokemon Trading Card Game [GBC]
short but fun
8.0 Polaris SnoCross [GBC]
i'm late i know, but this game just gets good!!!!!!
10 Parasite Eve II [PS]
Parasite Eve 2 is worth playing. Don't listen to the gamespot score upright. A lot of users rated it 8 high. P.E. Rocks!
6.0 Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey [PC]
2/3 of Game is really fun! Don't bother with the last unless you plan to cheat!
9.5 Planescape: Torment [PC]
This is an RPG jewel. One of my favorites.
8.5 Pharaoh [PC]
Like great music, great games still deliver years after it's release
8.7 Psychic Force 2012 [DC]
One of the best fighting games ever!
7.5 Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition [GB]
An original, slow, and thoughtful story used to be the only necessity.
9.0 Puyo Pop [NGPC]
Matt Hoffman's back in an incredibly addictive adventure.
7.8 Panzer Elite [PC]
An excellent tank sim.
8.0 Professional Bull Rider [PC]
I'm playing this one today
8.0 Pac-Man World [PS]
Awesome Game and i think what i dont waste my time in playing
8.0 Power Stone [DC]
This game saves the deceased dreamcast
9.5 Pandora's Box [PC]
Gorgeous little gem, one of my favorites ever for the PC
8.5 Panzer General 3D Assault [PC]
The way a Star Wars Flight sim should be done.
7.5 Pokemon Snap [N64]
Pokemon Snap is an original, fun, and highly addictive game.
9.0 Pokemon Pinball [GBC]
"Gotta catch 'em all!" Like Pokemon? Like pinball? Mix them togeather and you get one cool game.
8.8 PGA Championship Golf 1999 Edition [PC]
Racing fun for anyone.
8.2 Point Blank 2 [PS]
A fantastic sequel to a fantastic original game.
10 Puyo Puyo 4 [DC]
Wages of War & Jagged Alliance
9.0 Persona 2: Innocent Sin [PS]
Any JRPG fan owes it to themselves to experience this game's amazing storytelling and character development

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