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8.7 Return of the Incredible Machine Contraptions [PC]
If u are looking something for your children, This Must be the one !!
9.0 Rayman Origins [WII]
The Origin of FANTASTIC
8.5 Rayman Origins [PS3]
beautiful and appealing
9.0 Rayman Origins [X360]
Origins is among the elite in its respective genre as it excels in all it endeavors to accomplish in its splendor.
8.5 Rocksmith [X360]
What is right with this game is bordering on amazing, what is wrong with it is mostly just mildly annoying.
7.5 Rocksmith [PS3]
Rocksmith is a game for people who actually want to learn how to play guitar.
3.5 Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One [PS3]
Too easy and short. Overall, very, very disappointing given how good the previous R&C games have been.
9.0 Rage [PC]
At first, getting rid of the bugs is a hassle, but the hassle is worth it for the sheer fun this game provides.
7.0 Rage [X360]
Looks and feels good to play but is ultimately a short-lived, somewhat disappointing action game from id.
5.0 Rage [PS3]
Too Short and Repetitive
3.0 Rochard [PS3]
Nice puzzles ruined by a terrible reliance on terrible shooting environments.
7.0 Renegade Ops [X360]
RC cars of destruction.
10 Radiant Silvergun [X360]
The best Shoot 'em up ever.
7.0 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad [PC]
I was a fan of the first one, and there are some great improvements in this one, but bugs still hurt.
7.5 Renegade Ops [PS3]
A well made top down twin stick shooter that offers plenty of explosive fun
9.5 Resistance 3 [PS3]
Definitely worth playing if you own a ps3.
7.5 Red Faction: Armageddon [X360]
Red Faction: Armageddon is great game but far from perfect.
8.0 Red Faction: Armageddon [PS3]
I wish THQ had not canceled this series.
6.5 Rayman 3D [3DS]
One cannot fault Ubisoft for re-releasing this great game once again. The 3DS provides some excellent hardware for 3D so...
7.0 Ridge Racer 3D [3DS]
It's reeeeeeally repetitive.
8.5 Rift [PC]
A great MMO that stands with the best of the genre
8.5 Rango [X360]
Come to the most crazy adventure game.
8.5 Rango [PS3]
Come to the most crazy adventure game.
9.0 Radiant Historia [DS]
Radiant Historia is a unique, engaging RPG that shines shines bright despite its flaws.
9.5 Rock Band 3 [X360]
Another classic from Harmonix.

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