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10 Spy Hunter [ZOD]
Tetris Phone Review
9.5 Star Wars: The Old Republic [PC]
People are only complaining because they don't want to run all the content in SWTOR
9.5 Sonic CD [PS3]
Sonic CD has aged very well and this is an automatic download if you have never got to experience the original before.
A step up in some places. A step down in other places.
9.5 Sonic CD [X360]
With all the modern sonic games and garb, take a step back to the old, good days with Sonic CD.
8.5 Saints Row: The Third [X360]
9.5 Saints Row: The Third [PC]
If you want to live in a game, other than the MMOs, this is the place you should be.
9.5 Saints Row: The Third [PS3]
Wow! What a joy ride!
8.5 Shinobi [3DS]
Hard, epic and in 3D!
8.5 Super Mario 3D Land [3DS]
2D Mario combined with 3D gameplay proves to be a great combination in this fun and challenging platformer
10 Sonic Generations [X360]
Two Sonics! Two Ways To Play!, & One Nonstop Action Adventure! This is one of the best Sonic games in years! 10/10
8.0 Sonic Generations [PS3]
Sonic is back and leaving all of his past game problems behind.
4.0 Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter [PC]
First game was much better!!!
1.0 Stronghold 3 [PC]
1.0 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure [X360]
Not spyro that I loved :(
8.0 Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster [X360]
An all around fun for the kids and entertaining for the parents experience that stands proud in this slim genre.
8.0 Sideway: New York [PS3]
Sideway is a unique, creative take on the platforming genre while managing to still feel familiar.
9.0 Solatorobo: Red the Hunter [DS]
Follow the tale of Red as he gets involved in more than he bargained for, and ends up having to save the world.
9.0 Star Fox 64 3D [3DS]
Starfox is back, this time on a portable system, and its great!
7.5 SkyDrift [X360]
Hydro Thunder with a twist of Mario Kart? Count me in! My DarkZero review of SkyDrift.
10 SkyDrift [PS3]
Absolute Stunning! Adrenaline pumping!
8.0 Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition [X360]
Street Fighter III is easily one of the most influential and best-playing fighting games in existence.
9.5 Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition [PS3]
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike is possibly the most technical in the series and the best Street Fighter around.
8.5 Section 8: Prejudice [PS3]
PSN Games Section 8 Prejudice
9.5 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition [X360]
Score 9.5<br /> Simply put, SSF4 AE, is the best fighting game ever made.

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