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6.0 Your Doodles Are Bugged! [PC]
Gameplay - Good<br /> Graphics - Good<br /> Sound - Bad<br /> Overall - Worth playing for cue sport enthusiasts.
9.0 Yakuza 4 [PS3]
This is one of those titles you don't wanna miss out on.
8.0 You Don't Know Jack (2011) [PC]
You Don't Know Jack is snarky, funny, and a blast to play with a second player.
8.0 You Don't Know Jack [WII]
Brings back the charm, fun, and entertainment of the original.<br />
8.5 You Don't Know Jack [X360]
Fantastic humor, accessible gameplay, and great longevity make Jack's latest a must-have for any trivia fan.
9.0 You Don't Know Jack [PS3]
Most Fun being made to feel Stupid!!
9.0 Your Shape: Fitness Evolved [X360]
Get healthy and earn some Gamerscore
8.0 Ys: The Oath in Felghana [PSP]
Awesome action game play accompanied with a stellar soundtrack!
9.0 Ys Seven [PSP]
This is an rpg that many lame western developers can learn from, graphics are simply not everything
9.0 Yakuza 3 [PS3]
Yakuza 3 is a Playstation 3 exclusive that you should not miss on.
9.0 Yakuza 2 [PS2]
Epic gangster action adventure filled with drama, romance and brutal violence.
10 Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone [GBA]
You will never play another stragedy game with as much fun or action as with this game, a new way in the genre.
3.5 Yoshi's Island DS [DS]
This might be seen as the ultimate challenge, you'll have to face boredom and annoyance to beat this game.
8.5 Yakuza [PS2]
Yakuza is a addicting game. But it has a few flaws of its own that may strike you off guard.<br /> <br /> The camera s...
5.2 Ys Book I: The Vanished Omens [MOBILE]
See, this is why I don't read 'books'.
8.0 Yoshi Touch & Go [DS]
A simple but highly addictive game. Worth playing but only if you can pick it up cheap
10 Yahtzee Deluxe [MOBILE]
this is the kind of game that takes you back to the past.
6.5 Ys: The Ark of Napishtim [PS2]
More Hack'n Slash than RPG.
8.9 You Don't Know Jack 6: The Lost Gold [PC]
Not bad, but missing something. For $19 though, it's the best deal outside of NFL 2K5.
7.5 Yo Yo Fighter [MOBILE]
A well-crafted and addictive puzzle game.
9.5 Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 [GBA]
Yoshi's Island superb level design, presentation and unique gameplay make it worth its title of Super Mario World 2
8.7 You Don't Know Jack: Mock 2 [PS]
Very good game for managing roster adn game decisions.
7.5 You Don't Know Jack: 5th Dementia [PC]
Need a gold game. Here it is and boy is it a good one.
8.0 You Don't Know Jack [PS]
To summarize, buy this game if you have any form of Playstation as you will have a great time with this title.
9.6 You Don't Know Jack Volume 4: The Ride [PC]
The Best of the "Irreverant Party Games"!

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