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9.4 Zoo Keeper DX [MOBILE]
This is one for my permanent collection. Extremely fun mobile game, bright colourful graphics & addictive like Tetris.
2.5 Zeit Squared [PC]
I played more advanced and immersive shoot em ups 2 decades ago.
5.5 Zeit Squared [X360]
Not really what I was expecting. The cover shows a ship, but it isn't really a space ship shooting game...
6.5 Zombie Apocalypse [PS3]
Zombie Apocalypse can be a lot of fun, but it has nothing else to its name!<br />
5.0 Zombie Apocalypse [X360]
I love zombies, but this was a disapointment =[
6.0 Zenonia [IP]
Zenonia is a well crafted game that's fun is hampered by imprecise controls a nonsensical story and tedious grinding.
7.5 ZEN Pinball [PS3]
Zen Pinball
8.0 Zubo [DS]
Short but definitely sweet.
10 Zen Bound [IP]
Zen Bound is a phenomenal achievement that is hands down just incredible. Aesthetically masterful, addictive, and fresh!
4.5 Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure [WII]
Don't Buy this Game!
8.0 Zam BeeZee [PC]
A fun game that takes your mind of all stress.
6.5 Zuma Deluxe [X360]
A 360 rendition of Zuma? You need a mouse, dammit!
8.1 Zuma [MOBILE]
I just can't stop playing Zuma on my cell phone.
8.0 Zoo Tycoon 2 [MOBILE]
Connect Four Challange brings all the fun of Connect Four onto your mobile phone along with online multiplayer.
8.0 Zoo Keeper [DS]
Zoo Keeper is really fun!
8.0 Zoo Tycoon 2 [PC]
A kiddy game. But a great game
9.5 Zoids: Legacy [GBA]
Its an amazing game; the story may bug you at time as you dont know it but the gameplay will make up for that.
7.0 Zuma Deluxe [PC]
believe it or not, some simple games can stand the test of time. this game is one of them.
9.0 Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner [PS2]
Slick addictive combat, well told story, impressive art design make this game a "must-play" for the ps2
10 Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal [PC]
More than a game, it's a balm!
6.9 ZooCube [GC]
A suprisingly good puzzle game.
8.5 Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars [GBA]
A game that might be overlooked, but is well worth playing.
7.5 Zoo Tycoon [PC]
Although the game is in perfect it is still loads of fun.
6.0 Zax: The Alien Hunter [PC]
The cheap version of 'Agatha Cristie's and then there were none'
7.0 Zone of the Enders [PS2]
If it had more content, this would be a true masterpiece, but now it can be summed up in one word: a shortcoming.

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