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8.5 Mighty Switch Force! [3DS]
Time to Switch it Up! and Help Officer Wagon round up the Hooligan Sisters, in this shot but great game by Wayforward.
9.0 Mario Kart 7 [3DS]
Lucky #7 strikes again; Mario Kart 7 might just be the best game in the series
8.5 Super Mario 3D Land [3DS]
2D Mario combined with 3D gameplay proves to be a great combination in this fun and challenging platformer
10 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D [3DS]
Zelda, Link is amazing, Classical game becomes a classic again
9.5 Cave Story 3D [3DS]
The story of Dragon Age is fascinating. Build up your team as you like and alter the story with the choices you make!
9.0 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars [3DS]
This game successfully merges many of the great characteristics of good strategy RPGs. This is a wonderful game.
3.5 Tales of the Abyss [3DS]
I Wanna Take You For a (Broken, Cheap, Spam
8.0 Pushmo [3DS]
A simple and very addictive puzzle game, and maybe the best 3DS downloadable title yet.
8.5 Shinobi [3DS]
Hard, epic and in 3D!
8.5 Bit.Trip Saga [3DS]
Your 3DS needs this game inside of it. Now.
8.5 James Noir's Hollywood Crimes [3DS]
puzzle game mixed with old school fmv makes a nice campy combo
9.5 Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition [3DS]
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is a fantastic launch title, and is the beginning of what the Nintendo 3DS can do.
9.0 Star Fox 64 3D [3DS]
Starfox is back, this time on a portable system, and its great!
7.0 Dead or Alive: Dimensions [3DS]
Dead or Alive: Dimensions is a decent version of the Dead or Alive franchise on the 3DS.
6.5 Rayman 3D [3DS]
One cannot fault Ubisoft for re-releasing this great game once again. The 3DS provides some excellent hardware for 3D so...
7.0 Ridge Racer 3D [3DS]
It's reeeeeeally repetitive.
9.5 Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends [3DS]
I love this game
7.5 Tetris Axis [3DS]
Under Siege might not be a high budget game, but it can compete with others
9.0 Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog & New Friends [3DS]
Love it
6.5 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D [3DS]
PES 2011 3D indeed plays like a football game should, its fun and accessible, but completely lacking in content.
8.0 Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle & New Friends [3DS]
You Don't Know Jack is snarky, funny, and a blast to play with a second player.
7.0 Pokemon Rumble Blast [3DS]
While improving on nearly every problem with the original, this sequel still leaves much to be desired.

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