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7.5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [PC]
A sad turn for a series and a tremendous disappointment
7.0 Battlefield 2 [PC]
Same Formula
3.0 Neverwinter Nights 2 [PC]
A buggy piece of sh*t. Play Dragon Age: Origins again instead.
10 Borderlands [PC]
Borderlands is one of the best shooters i ever had so much fun with my whole life. Simply Perfect
9.0 Terraria [PC]
terraria is a game about doing what you want to do, adventure, build, fight, and explore
9.0 The Book of Unwritten Tales [PC]
Definitely one of the best Adventure games in the last years.
9.0 NBA 2K12 [PC]
NBA 2K12 Review - LU0218 a.k.a (Razor Mcqueen)
7.5 Half-Life 2 [PC]
Good game but not still have little problems.
8.5 Amnesia: The Dark Descent [PC]
How you experience this game depends highly on the person. But i'd certainly recommend it to any horror fan.
9.5 Rome: Total War [PC]
Rome total war<br /> score:10
4.0 The Witcher [PC]
A good story is ruined by long fetch quests, awful combat, and general tediousness.
8.5 Crysis 2 [PC]
Although not as brilliant as the first Crysis, it's still really fun to play and has some of the best graphics of 2011.
9.5 Call of Duty: Black Ops [PC]
Call of Duty continues with Call of Duty: Black ops a well polished, fast-paced first-person shooter.
9.0 Batman: Arkham Asylum [PC]
In BAA, you can look forward to rewarding skirmishes with NPCs and exciting boss battles. A batman fan's dream game.
7.5 Resident Evil 5 [PC]
I love the Resident Evil series except for Res 4.<br /> This had a great story line - but game play was sketchy...
9.5 Mount & Blade: Warband [PC]
if you see a 9.0 from me, then you know theres something different with this one.
3.0 The Binding of Isaac [PC]
A few fun ideas but the lazy design ruins it.
7.0 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad [PC]
I was a fan of the first one, and there are some great improvements in this one, but bugs still hurt.
6.0 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines [PC]
This game has a brilliant first half, and a horrible second half.<br /> And sadly a game has to be taken as a whole.
9.5 FIFA Soccer 12 [PC]
FIFA 12 is one of the best football game to be made up to the date n hence a must for the franchise lovers............
8.0 Tropico 4 [PC]
Lots of Fun, Great Graphics ! <br />
8.5 Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues [PC]
Old World Blues is the best DLC to date just for the dialog alone!
10 King Arthur: Fallen Champions [PC]
A deep, engrossing and complex mix of role playing and strategy.
10 Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour [PC]
GENERALS ZH is a perfect game has just two bugs .it has an anti against an's .......greaaaaat
8.5 Rift [PC]
A great MMO that stands with the best of the genre

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