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9.0 Metro 2033 [PC]
Please keep these games coming! great atmosphere and story
8.5 Half-Life: Counter-Strike [PC]
Amazingly awesome!
8.5 Titan Quest [PC]
This game is on the top of its genre, along with Diablo...
5.5 Medal of Honor Pacific Assault [PC]
Average design and average gameplay, a far inferior game to the original.
9.5 Napoleon: Total War [PC]
If you already concluded that Empire Total War is the good RTS game for you, well think agian!
9.5 Mafia [PC]
A Masterpiece Lost In GTA's Shadow 9.5
8.0 Fable: The Lost Chapters [PC]
The worst BEST game ever!
9.5 Gears of War [PC]
It's one of the best action games to be made for PC,must play for all hardcore action game lovers n others also :)
6.0 Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning [PC]
Not what I expected to many gliches not enough people at higher levels
7.5 Men of War: Assault Squad [PC]
TOO MANY ENEMY TANKS...and too often! That aside, I love this game.
10 F1 2011 [PC]
I got this game because I am a huge Formula One fan and I thought F1 2010 was amazing and couldn't get any better, and i...
9.0 Call of Duty: World at War [PC]
For me, indeed a revolutionary game.
1.0 Dawn of Discovery [PC]
Too much management .
9.5 Just Cause 2 [PC]
fun stuff!
8.5 Empire Earth II [PC]
6.5 War Front: Turning Point [PC]
Just Another Disappointing RTS
1.5 BioShock [PC]
9.0 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood [PC]
great continues story , freeplay , graphics of their year
4.0 Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword [PC]
Extremely disappointing.
8.5 SWAT 4 [PC]
one of, if not the best tactical shooter ever
7.0 King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame [PC]
Total War, Men of War, and King Arthur all show signs in this amazing game, brought down by major problems.
9.0 Grand Theft Auto III [PC]
GTA 3... The game that changed gaming forever.
9.5 Half-Life [PC]
Half-Life over the years has shown its age, but still it's an innovative, engaging game experience.
6.5 Caesar IV [PC]
Awesome game! Well until you get deeper in and realize how flawed the core gameplay is...
10 Baldur's Gate [PC]
Great game. This game presents a true dungeons and dragons adventure for RPG players.

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