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8.5 Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots [PC]
Rise of Nations is the closest RTS to a historic based empire building 4x game.
8.0 Killing Floor [PC]
Like a British version of Left 4 Dead mixed with Horde Mode. A great co-op/single player only experience.
7.5 F.E.A.R. [PC]
F.E.A.R. is a fun romp for around 10 hours, with a successful engine but sadly let down by old skool level design.
7.5 Divine Divinity [PC]
Divine Divinity's gameplay doesn't dazzle, but its entertaining writing and voice-acting certainly do.
3.0 Gothic 3 [PC]
5 years later, the game is almost playable... almost.
8.5 Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast [PC]
Jedi Outcast continues Jedi Knight's tradition of utilizing the Expanded Universe canon of Star Wars in stellar manners.
6.5 Fate [PC]
at first it looks like an interesting game,diablo in 3d but after playing it ...its farrrrrrrrrr from being a diablo.
9.5 Street Fighter IV [PC]
great game!!!!!!!
8.0 Football Manager 2012 [PC]
Highly addictive, but also high on downpoints
10 Need for Speed Undercover [PC]
Best Need for Speed Ever, incredible graphics, incredible history, nice cars, good tuning, incredible gameplay!
7.0 Sacred 2: Fallen Angel [PC]
A gorgeous world to behold yet the innumerable (and seriously annoying) bugs will set the game back big time.
9.7 Asheron's Call [PC]
They say your first MMORPG is always your favorite, but I'll tell you why this might be the most underrated MMORPG ever.
10 The Orange Box [PC]
Greatest value in a video game ever. If you don't own it and are even mildly interested First Person Shooters, buy it!
7.5 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin [PC]
The sequel is a significant improvement over the first Hitman game.
10 Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy [PC]
This is probably lucas's best. I say "Wow!" I don't see why aren't all the reviews on a 10 rating.
10 Freelancer [PC]
About once of year, when I'm bored with all other games I see this one on the shelf, and have an amazingly fun week.
8.5 Alice: Madness Returns [PC]
This Game is just no fun , Yet There seems to be an addiction that glues me to the screen..
6.0 Heroes of Might and Magic V [PC]
Who balanced this?
10 X-COM: UFO Defense [PC]
This game was one of the best in the history.
8.5 Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion [PC]
In a time when a mighty empire has been split down the middle by infighting. Can the hordes take up arms once more?
8.5 X3: Reunion [PC]
verry big game
9.0 Hitman: Blood Money [PC]
The Hitman series has always been known for its mix of stealth and action gameplay, and this time is no exception.
7.5 King's Bounty: The Legend [PC]
If you want a cheap, and very long game that is generally good, then this isn't a bad choice.
8.5 Max Payne [PC]
Max Payne: The Art of Storytelling.
10 Final Fantasy VII [PC]
let's put this in one sentence-THIS IS THE BEST RPG EVER DONE.

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